Love your bike! Do it!

Quick and easy service for your bicycle here at Bonk!

Do you need a bike repair, general service or a simple tire change? We will return you to optimal riding condition in no time!

A trained mechanic, top-quality tools and service materials, a strict schedule and a limited number of bicycles that we accept for service ensure optimal and professional care for your bicycle.

Just fill out the form on this page or give us a call! You will get your appointment very quickly and ensure your return to the roads, adventures and forest paths.

If your bike requires a quick intervention such as a tire change or some other minor repair/adjustment, feel free to stop by without notice and check the availability of the quick service on the spot after a speedy check by our service mechanic. If the intervention is minor, sit down, drink your coffee or beer and enjoy while waiting for this quick repair/adjustment.

ATTENTION! Only after speedy check-up by our mechanic, the type of service and intervention can be established and presented to you. After all, we stand responsibly behind the quality of our work.


Ride safely, follow traffic rules, wear a helmet and share the road! See you.

Pricelist for bicycle SERVICE is available HERE.


Where Are We?


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