Coffee Shop

We are neither an ordinary cafe, nor an ordinary bicycle shop. Our offer is not something you would expect from our industry colleagues. But our philosophy is extremely simple and perfectly outlines what we love and what we would primarily like to offer to our guests. Our selection of groceries, raw materials and the final assortment faithfully outlines the history of cycling and all that already happened, but also, this selection still characterizes it today as a mass movement and as a desirable lifestyle. Even if you don't like bicycles, we are sure that you will like our philosophy and that you will find your best cup of coffee or the best glass of beer when enjoying in our sourroundings. And don’t forget, ride safely, obey traffic rules, wear a helmet and share the road! See you.


Coffee beans

  • Only handpicked
  • 100% arabica
  • Constantly looking for the best beans
  • New flavors & aromas

We use only handpicked coffee beans in order to secure that only ripe beans are picked. Our coffee beans are roasted only in 'city roast' style and carefully packed in special bags with vacuum valve. Our espresso is made only out of freshly roasted coffee beans. Two to three times a year, we carefully carry out the process of "cupping" in order to surprise you again with new flavors and aromas. We are constantly looking for the best possible beans for the biggest sleepers and the most persistent marathoners!

Coffee to go!

  • Our personal touch for coffee lovers
  • Whole beans or freshly grinded
  • Packed & ready for home use

Always at least two flavors for the biggest coffee lovers! Freshly roasted, optimally preserved and grinded according to how you like to enjoy it. Buy in person from our coffee shop or order through the web shop. Bonk'ed coffee for sleepers and Bonk'in coffee for the exhausted among You. You get to choose. From fruity & sour aromas to chocolate & nutty flavors..... Depends what wakes you up quickly and ultimately inspires you.


  • Educated staff
  • The best ingredients in preparation process
  • Using optimal equipment & machines

Constantly educated staff and regular quality controls are basic requirement in our specialty coffee making. Understandably, in coffee that you order we add only ingredients that we think are the best ones. No compromise. Solid base from our selected coffee favorites, always adding fresh milk, adding additional purification of water we use, using optimal equipment and putting a lot of love into process to round the perfect taste for our guests. Pure enjoyment. For You and for us.


Beer on tap

  • Up to 6 craft beers on tap
  • 6 different styles
  • From hoppy to fruity flavors
  • Always optimally cold and fresh
  • Constant changes of beer types

Are you tired of commercial beer? Always looking for something new? Interested in different styles and local manufacturers? You are in the right place. We readily quenched our uncompromising love of beer and constant thirst for new flavors on our tap. From explosive IPA combinations to lightness of lager, ask us for what’s current best drinking scenario. Our unique tap made from bicycle components and barrels in cold chambers guarantee a perfect beer experience and a unique tasting atmosphere. Of course, drink responsibly and, sometimes, push your bike home.

LBS Local Bike Shop ''Seriously''

  • Dvor brandy
  • Briottet fig liquor
  • Amaro Montenegro
  • Angostura Bitter
  • Skilled barmen with cocktail love:-)

Local is always cool and, sometimes better. This way, You get to drink and walk home. We do encourage this kind of behavior. This is just one of 8 signature cocktails that we can offer to our guests. With no exception, all of them are inspired by some cool bike stories and the best places that You can ride in. For example: Dvor brandy is from surroundings of the biggest lake in Europe. Although, Hungary and Balaton lake are not popular cycling destinations, one of Your hosts can testify that this is not fair. Inspired by beautiful shoreline and endless undulating roads, this cocktail will SERIOUSLY take you there.

Spiced Rooibos

  • Rooibos
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Basil leaves
  • Lemongrass
  • Natural orange flavoring
  • Cloves
  • Cardamom
  • Black pepper

Rooibos is a shrubby plant with coniferous leaves, which thrives in very specific conditions: sandy soil, dry climate on the arid plateau of South Africa, in the province of Cedarberg. Its remarkable properties have long been known to the natives who have used it for centuries as a healing and refreshing drink. All attempts to grow this specific plant in other climates of the world have failed. Unlike black or green tea, rooibos tea does not contain caffeine, making it suitable for drinking throughout the day. It has a refreshing taste, rich mineral composition and contains powerful antioxidants, which slow down the aging process and act as protection against many diseases caused by free radicals. The added spices make this tea blend the perfect drink throughout the day.

Fuel up!


  • Passion fruit
  • Strawberry yogurt
  • Fresh milk
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries

A complete meal in a glass? Very possible. A careful combination of fruits with the optimal dose of dairy products for the perfect meal in a large glass. Break down Your own prejudices, take a break from meat eating habits and be brave. Try one of our plentiful smoothies and free your sports curiosity. Let this be the first step towards a balanced diet and, of course, getting a bike :-).

Functional Bars

  • Local small producers
  • Healthy & with purpose
  • Food with added function
  • Energy & Recovery
  • Standalone meal or quick bite when moving

Gluten free, functional diet, keto diet, fast energy, organic food, etc...... We offer all this in our chocolate bars from small local producers that you can find either in our store or in our web shop. Help young and local innovators in the production of functional food for all people who live intensive lifestyles and, at the same time, want to maintain some kind of control over their own health. Of course, if you have questions about complicated concepts of these simply natural chocolates, write to us or call us, so we can inform you better about this unique products of exclusively domestic origin.

Quick bites

  • Sweet & quick
  • On the Go
  • Coffee friendly
  • Rapid energy
  • Will get You through the day
  • Maybe something salty too

The biggest sin in our bar! Freshly baked every day while stock lasts. Made for us by the most famous "artisan" bakeries in the city. Uncompromising, with the best ingredients and perfect with your first, second, third or evening coffee. Treat yourself to a little organoleptic experience and enjoy the sweetest violations of your own oath in a 100% healthy life. Or, just don't complicate and enjoy life...:-) In the end, for the most persistent ones, we will occasionally add something salty. Sweet and salty. Salty, but fine as if it were sweet ... Something like that. You know what we mean :-).