Light your way. Or yourself. You need both.

There are more and more bicycles on the road. The bike paths are getting narrower and smaller, and they weren't too usable or long enough anyway (of course, we're talking about Zagreb - we sincerely hope it's not the same in your city). All of this makes us think more about our own safety whether we are riding on bike paths or looking for some other route that will be a bit darker and harder, but devoid of other road users.

Whatever you choose, you need to be safe and noticeable. If you live in the city or ride between cities/neighborhoods or simply like to explore at night, one of the most important safety factors is the lighting you use on your bike. Some are inherent, such as cat's eyes, various spotlights, etc ..., but some are also a matter of your choice and desire for greater safety or better visibility among other road users.

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You can always choose between two basic types that will make you more visible:

1. Flashes

The basic function is for you to become more visible to other road users and thus improve your safety. The flash lights do not necessarily illuminate the road and the environment in front of you, but they are certainly not out of the question even if you find yourself in conditions of total darkness or a greatly reduced visibility (darkness or fog).

2. Lights

The basic function of the lights is to make the path in front of you more visible and to help you choose the right paths/roads. As these are stronger lighting systems, unlike flash lights, lights have a dual purpose. They make you more noticeable to other road users, but also allow you to illuminate the road in front of you.

Whichever option you choose, pay attention to the basic things when buying:

- Strength: Measured in lumens (Lumen is a unit of measurement (designation lm) for the luminous flux in the International System of Units (SI)) and practically determines the intensity of the light emitted by your flash light/light. Be sure to be aware that manufacturers always write the maximum intensity, which is not necessarily the same for all the flash lights/light modes you have chosen.

- Operating modes: Select lights/flash lights with a minimum of two operating modes - permanent and flash. This way you can regulate your visibility according to the type of road you are traveling on and possibly extend the autonomous operation of the light/flash light.

- Operating length (autonomy): Depending on your typical ride or selected route, choose an autonomy that meets your needs.

- Charging time / battery type: Depending on riding frequency, desired autonomy and battery life used. Always make sure that the charging speed suits your needs.

- Water resistance: If you enjoy riding in the rain (or it just sometimes catches you unprepared) or simply choose such adventures, pay attention to water resistance (target at least the IP-65 standard).

- External batteries or USB charging: You have a choice. USB offers more options and after the initial larger investment (these lights/ flashes lights are a bit more expensive at the beginning) it saves money. Be sure not to go below standard Lithium Polymer batteries.

Other features you need to pay attention to:

- Light/flash light housing: Guaranteed durability and versatility.

- Assembly: Choose something that is intuitive and easy to assemble with constant iterations of removal and reassembly.

- Side visibility: Very important if you buy flash lights/lights for riding in the city or within populated areas. Keep in mind that you need to strive to be as noticeable as possible to all road users.

Lastly, in order to maximize your position and safety in traffic, our recommendation is to, always and always, buy both rear and front light/flash light!

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If you are looking for the ultimate visibility, a novelty on the market and in our offer are the flashes that are mounted on the left or right side (or both at the same time) of the bike.

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Keep in mind, the goals are always the same - visibility, safety and lighting the way ahead!