Don't know what to expect? You like to try different options, you support "rim-brake-death-squad", you haven't completely "bought" the idea of gravel yet, aero everything annoys you, but you still want to try it or you just think, like we do, that front derailleur is redundant? You don't want to clean and wash your bike after the ride and want it to work perfectly from the start?

We are here to give you the opportunity to try the premium segment of cycling, without the obligation to buy premium bicycle. Or you just want to go a little crazy on a bike that you think you don't need in a permanent "home" lineup.

It’s just up to you to enjoy the ride.

Click on the following link, take a look at what we offer and book your bicycle and time that fits Your schedule.


Booking method:

- Choose a model (gravel or road), check the available sizes.

- Call us or send us an email with your wishes and needs.


After our answer and confirmation of the date and model you picked, be sure to read the Rental Agreement that you will need to sign when picking up the bike.

NOTE: Bicycles are rented without pedals, pumps and cyclocomputers. With the rented bike you get a bag with a spare tube and a tool for removing and mounting tubes and tires.

For all additional questions, feel free to contact us. You can find contact info below this text.


Where Are We?


Vrbje 1B
10000 Zagreb

Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o.
OIB: 23743349287