Singlespeed or Fixie? Why not both.

For starters, we will try to explain why riding culture on singlespeed / fixie bikes is so popular. Especially in urban centers and cities with little to no cycling infrastructure. Um ........ yes, Zagreb comes to mind immediately ...... But that's for another blog.

Riding a singlespeed or fixie bike is something the purest and most immediate you can feel when cycling. The built-in simplicity, special aesthetics and endless possibilities of "pimping" your ride and various upgrades of these bikes is what increasingly attracts people to buy this type of bikes. In the various chaoses of all of us living in urban areas, this simplicity is a good and desirable antipode that purifies us and makes our movement faster and easier.

Steel frame, steel parts and extremely robust construction make these bikes extremely durable and practically self-sustaining machines. The minimal need for maintenance and servicing only further emphasizes the benefits that singlespeed and fixie bikes have. Occasional cleaning, lubrication and replacement of tires and chains is all this bike requires. Nothing more and nothing less. Everything else is a matter of your choice or taste ....... new grips of different colors or shapes, some cool stickers, different color chains, hubs of different colors, colorful spokes, different steering wheel, some leather saddle, some cool bells, LED lights, flashes or just some super socks, now that you are in this world, the possibilities of "pimping" are limitless and, what's best, nothing is forbidden and everything is allowed. Just the way you want!

Also, if we have already persuaded you to buy and enter this cool world of cycling, it is time to explain the basics. What is the difference between a singlespeed and a fixie bike?


It has one sprocket on the rear wheel. This sprocket has the ability to rotate in the opposite direction to the one in which you are pedaling. This allows you, by bicycle vocabulary, to "coast" or, in turn, rotate your legs backwards if not pedaling. It is important to note that you must have brakes fitted in this option. Our advice is to have both installed. Both front and back!

FIXIE bike:

Like singlespeed bikes, they have one sprocket on the rear wheel. But what's different is that in this case, the sprocket can't rotate in the opposite direction from pedaling, forcing you to pedal constantly. For the 'die hard' fixie riders, it's about the best feeling in the world. Certainly, we can confirm that in this case you will get to know the ''real'' feeling of riding your bike as a mean of transportation and fun. Not to forget, this option allows you to ride without brakes because stopping pedaling, in principle, brakes ........ but this is for the bravest and those with a bit more experience in both riding and city traffic. In this case, we recommend installing at least one brake. Front one at least!

Of course, the same bike can be both singlespeed and fixie. Indeed, we only have such options and recommend them. This will leave you with the opportunity to enjoy both riding styles. And enjoying the ride is the most important thing.

And last but not least. Since this is a simplified type of bicycle where only the essential parts are left on the frame, you are left with more money to upgrade to better frames and equipment ....... And who doesn't like upgrades :-).

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Until next blog, share the road.

Your Bonk.