Time to get Stradadadaaaaa!

Time to get Stradadadaaaaa!

Fast (like Aero) and comfortable. Comfortable enough.


This is the worst year to buy a bike! Manufacturers have long since switched to "Just in - NO - time" supply systems and left us, proactive sellers, and our potential customers dry. But every now and then we surprise ourselves with something extraordinary and, of course, limited. Limited offer, of course!

Guided by this new movement "Just in - NO - time" logic, we parked a "one-off", traditionally modern and aero comfortable rocket in our store. Black 3T Strada Due frame with matte surface and '' ghosted'' logos ....... Ideal bike with an intrusive design and a light color-understated exterior. A real benchmark for these twisted times.

Of course, 3T carbon components (what else than carbon) dominate with the exception of the aluminum 3T stem ...... But you will forgive us for that. Shimano Ultegra, an extremely popular and ultra-reliable Japanese light cavalry, takes you through the air, up the hill and for a cup of coffee. Di2 Shimano Ultegra. The one on electricity. Reliable. Best buy. Precise. Japanese precision.

Of course, last but not the least. Wheels. There is no point in writing here about technical features that look great on paper, and you don’t have a chance to test them. In principle you have, but more on that at this link. Well, back to the wheels. Vroomen '' real world '' applications, ''tubless rules'' logic, made for wideeeeeeeeee tires (now standard, but typically Vroomen like ahead of its time in 2016.) and multifunctional ... Yes, you read that right. You can also ride these wheels on your favorite gravel bike. Up to 700 x 42c dimensions no worries ...... The hoops are 3T, the hub is unofficially Industry Nine, and the spokes, unofficially of course, are Sapim ... No one will tell you that officially. But I will write it here so I hope you will not sue me.

For dirty work you have Pirelli P Zero tires. The official dimensions are 700 x 25c (effectively pumped up to 28c) to get the most aero benefits out of these wheels. And comfort on evenly ''perforated'' roads.


But, s..., we have (and will remain so because it is LIMITED) only one piece. In M size. So if you are an average Balkan like man or woman from about 170cm to about 180cm, visit us, take a look and try it.

Oh yes. We also offer a discount ..... The perfect opportunity for a sunnier part of the year.

Until the next blog, don't forget to share the road.